Fight Academy

Mike’s Gym Fight Academy provides various training courses to become a kickboxing instructor with multiple levels. These courses are provided according to the working method of Mike Passenier and with the Mikes Gym DNA as the common thread throughout the training.

In addition to Mike Passenier, the courses are given by experts in the field of physiology, strength & conditioning, didactics, etc.

Educational, fun and we also help you after the course if you have any questions or need of advice.

See you soon in one of our courses!

If you have a question or want to register for a course, you can reach us by e-mail 

or by messenger via our facebook page mikesgymfightacademy.

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Level 1 course

Our kickboxing instructor level 1 course ( 4 days format ) The course is aimed for teachers, trainers or instructors with the ambition to become a kickboxing instructor. To participate in the course you must have extensive experience in the practice of kickboxing and it is preferable to have experience in teaching kickboxing. This course is for anyone with a passion for kickboxing and wants to learn from one of the best trainers in the world.

In this course, all basic techniques are discussed, how they are structured methodically and how all the various teaching methods are implemented didactically in a training program, according to Mike’s Gym DNA. The course also addresses a number of general issues, including: how to deal with etiquette, norms and values ​​and safety is naturally number one.

For this course the usual kickboxing gear is required. These are: trousers and T-shirt, gloves, shin guards, bit, for the ladies chest protectors and for the men a toc.

The start of this course will be at the 16thof February 2020 and is now open for registration!


KB instructor level 1 International/English version: 10.00 am until 17.00 pm/22.00 pm.

Day 1 Sunday 16thFebruary 2020

Day 2 Monday 17thFebruary 2020

Day 3 Tuesday 18thFebruary 2020

Day 4 Wednesday 19thFebruary (exam)